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Modular classroom buildings

When your school system is seeking for additional space as quickly as possible...

Classrooms Touax

Faced with a tight budget and growing enrollment schools across the country are constantly struggling with space limitations. Many districts are also looking for solutions to high energy bills which are the result of outdated energy inefficient buildings. The answers to all of these concerns are modular classrooms.

Prefabricated classroom buildings offer a low cost alternative to traditional construction. Built at a location off site to your specifications, the prefabricated classrooms will then be assembled on your site at great savings. Modular classrooms have been a staple in education for several years but the design has come a long way from those first trailers like buildings that started quickly popping up in the seventies.


The modular buildings can even be designed for complete schools and campuses. Not only can the classroom space be pre-engineered but so can administrative offices, the gym and student dormitories. This option would be great for a new charter or specialty school just starting out with limited resources. There really is no limit to what you can construct, modular buildings can be several stories tall and cover thousands of square feet.

Building codes

All of the modular classrooms built today are energy efficient and meet all building codes. The buildings can be customized to your specifications. We offer single and double classroom configurations as well large multi-classroom and training facilities.


At Touax, we can produce classrooms in many different sizes: 8' wide, 12' wide, double wide complexes, Flex Space, or other configurations such as 28x56, 35x60, etc. However, we have the tendency to offer most of our classrooms with double wide 24x36 units. Each trailer is equipped and a detachable hitch.

Other equipment:

  • 3/4" Floor Decking single layer.
  • R-13 Kraft Exterior Walls.
  • Seaspray Ceiling Material for the roof.
  • Ceiling Ducted Fiberglass.
  • Exterior doors are 36x80 st/ w/lever locks (Hi-Impact) w/closer / painted.
  • Windows are equipped with Vinyl Venetian Blinds Almond. Etc.
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