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Mobiles offices Touax

The ideal workspace for your company and your team.

Offices Touax

Touax is specialized in providing offices trailers in Florida and Georgia but also anywhere in the US and Central America. If you need a quick and efficient solution for temporary or permanent building the modular buildings Touax are the answer.
Touax provides modern and comfortable workplaces. If you need an expansion of floor space in a very short period of time, Touax has the solution.



Very popular for construction offices the office trailers Touax give an ideal space for work and will adapt to all your needs. We can mix our offer between construction offices with storage container or even OnGround offices in order to give you all the space that you need.
The mobile office trailer Touax can be used as mobile sales office trailer, modular church building or retail shop. In any cases it will provide you all the on-site temporary or permanent workspace needed.

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