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Locker room and toilets

Rent or buy mobile locker room trailer, portable restroom or temporary locker room.

Locker room and toilets

For event, stadiums, construction site or any place you need facilities, Touax relocatable locker room or toilet trailer that you need.

Main characteristics

  • Available dimensions: 8’ wide, 12’ wide or 24’ wide
  • Features: Combination of showers, locker-room or restrooms, Vinyl Tile Floor, Florescent lights, Aluminum Siding, Central A/C & Heat Combination, Plan Table and a Built in Desk with file cabinet in each office and DCA Approved Handicapped ½ bath
  • Security package of Window screens and door bars available


Touax has the facilities that you need, ask us and we will get it for you:

  • Mobile Locker room
  • Mobile Restroom
  • Mobile Toilet
  • Portable Locker room
  • Portable Restroom
  • Portable Toilet
  • Temporary Locker room
  • Temporary Restroom
  • Temporary Toilet
  • From single modules to advanced buildings
  • Lease or permanent buildings
  • For sale or for rent/lease
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