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Living camps

Living camp, housing and emergency housing Touax.

Housing Touax

Is your company thinking about developing itself abroad? Are you going to need office space, dormitories for your employees, refectories and canteens, sanitary facilities, etc?

Touax provides a large range of temporary housing in case of disaster, living camps for mining industry, petrol industry or any other business that need to set up a portable campground in anywhere in the world. Desert, mountains, we do not have limit to set you up the space that you need.


To buy or to lease Touax provides:

  • Relocatable Living camp
  • Relocatable Housing
  • Mobile Living camp
  • Mobile Housing
  • Modular Living camp
  • Modular Housing
  • Portable Living camp
  • Portable Housing
  • Temporary Living camp
  • Temporary Housing

From single modules to advanced buildings
Lease or permanent buildings
Rental companies or construction companies with own modular fleet, end customers

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