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Clinic and hospital

Mobile hospital, portable medical building and relocatable clinic.

Touax offers quality products to satisfy the high standard in health buildings. For extra space or for portable medical spaces, Touax has a large range of products available.

Mobile Medical building

Your company needs portable medical building? Touax developed some specific office trailer for medical needs in order to provide the space that you need very quick to install.
You need additional space for hospitals or clinics? Touax can provide large modular building to receive all the specific equipment of a medical structure.



For sale or for lease Touax provides:

  • Mobile Medical building
  • Mobile hospital
  • Mobile clinic
  • Portable Medical building
  • Portable hospital
  • Portable clinic
  • Temporary Medical building
  • Temporary hospital
  • Temporary clinic

From single modules to advanced buildings
Lease or permanent buildings
Rental companies or construction companies with own modular fleet, end customers

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